Debugging freeze in chromium

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Problem :

I am experiencing frequent hangs while typing in omnibox (location bar).

There was similar kind of issue(segfaulted) earlier too which was a widespread bug. It happened due to compiling chromium against newer version of gcc.

I am experiencing the similar issue now. The only difference is that the whole chrome completely freezes when I am typing stuff in location bar & the autocomplete dialog that opens below the location-bar also remains open in the freezed state.

Then, I have to actually kill the process by doing

$killall chromium

2 times to kill the chromium. What can I do to debug the issue?

Looking in the wiki, I managed to send the SIGABRT signals to all the processes of chrome when it was hanged. Now, I don’t know where to find the DUMPS. Where do I look for it? I want to submit the bug on but I can’t do that until I find the core dumps.

I even tried posting on the project page, no replies yet.

Solution :

  • first of all disable: ‘Enable Instant for faster searching’ in your settings,
  • you can use strace debugger (or alternative to your OS) e.g. strace -f chrome
  • or attach to it, when it’s already frozen (strace -fp PID),
  • try to run Chromium from the terminal, it’ll report you the errors and find the right bug for it,
  • try to compile it using different compiler (i.e. gcc if you used cc or opposite), sometimes it helps because of some bugs which nobody can find it,
  • there is option to run Chromium in recovery mode (disable all add-ons) – try it,
  • go to about:about and see what you can find interesting,
  • compile chromium with debug parameters (-g and without optimization) and run via gdb debugger or generate core file to check the backtrace why it crashed
  • probably it’s a duplicate bug, so look for bugs using different keywords like: Instant freeze

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