Dell with LCD issues only boots after it’s been off for several hours

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Problem :

A few weeks ago, I started noticing that very rarely, when I touched the frame of my Dell laptop on the left side, there would be a few green lines on my display. I didn’t think much of it until some time later, the laptop stopped booting in over half of the times that I pushed the power button, instead, it would only beep eight times repeatedly (if I read correctly, the 8-beep pattern refers to an issue with the LCD, which would make sense considering the graphics issue I experienced before.)

Strangely though, out of all those times that I tried to start my laptop (within >2 weeks), there were only 3 cases when the laptop did boot on an afternoon/evening, while all the other times that the laptop started normally were in the morning. In other words, every first attempt to start the laptop in the morning (after several hours of being turned off) was successful. What could be the reason for that?

Being under the impression that there might simply be a loose wire or so inside, I’m planning to open up the laptop as soon as I get hold of a proper screwdriver, but I’m wondering: Does the fact that the laptop always boots in the morning give anything away about the likely nature of this issue?

I should say that not being a hardware expert, I have not attempted to cool the laptop down by, say, storing it in a particularly cold location.

Please go ahead and ask for clarification if deemed necessary.

Solution :

My suspect #1 would be heat–it only boots when cold.

My suspect #2 would be that it only boots when there has been enough time for capacitors to fully discharge.

Unfortunately, I have no idea of how to fix either problem.

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