devcon disable fails on win7 for usb camera. why?

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I’m trying to disable/enable USB camera using devcon. It fails with the following output:
c:tempdevcon>devcon disable “USBVID_199E*”

USBVID_199E&PID_8207&MI_008&11CAF5B4&0&0000               : Disable failed
USBVID_199E&PID_820716210163                              : Disable failed

I execute devcon in a console run with admin privilegs

What could be the reason?

Thank you!


I have such issue when tried 32-bit devcon.exe (located in Program Files(x86)) on 64bit Windows 7.
Solution is to use 64-bit version of devcon.exe

Also, you need to run devcon with admin privileges (ie, start cmd as Administrator, then run devcon).

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