Do GUI and Terminal execution (of Back In Time/Grsync/other Linux apps) produce the same results?

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Problem :

I’ve opened Back In Time GUI and copied the whole rsync ... line from the last log into Terminal and executed it in Terminal.

Question #1 is: if I were to do it the normal way (click ‘Take snapshot’ in Back In Time GUI) would it do exactly the same thing? Or does Back In Time GUI add some actions or tweak something while executing that rsync command?

Also, the same question (Question #2) but about Grsync.

And about the Linux apps in general (if that can be answered) (Question #3).

I’m asking the first two questions because backups are a serious business and before moving them into the shell (perhaps even for cron/anacron jobs) I want to be sure that backups procedure will not change.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Solution :

Regarding your Question #1:

Yes and No. The command will do exactly the same like in BIT GUI. But BIT will do couple thinks before and after running this command (create ‘new_snapshot’ dir, fix permissions, create hard-links, save permissions into extra file, save config and log, just to name some)

So in the end you’ll not have the same result with running the rsync command manually as with BIT GUI.

disclaimer: I’m member of BIT-dev Team

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