Dreamweaver CS3 hogs CPU

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Whenever Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 is open, it uses 100% of an entire core of my CPU. I have Windows Vista x86.

A few google searches have offered me the advice of excluding Dreamweaver from DEP, although I already have DEP switched on only for core Windows services.


There have been issues (crashes &c) with installations of Dreamweaver when Anti-virus software has been running. There is an Adobe TechNote that goes through all this in detail. Worth a look if you’ve not gone through it already.

Ok. I’m not going to point any fingers or pass any judgements here (how do you think I found out about this problem myself), but this is a very very common side-effect of one of the early cracks for the dreamweaver.exe to remove the activation procedure.

There was a 2nd version of the crack, but it screwed up the templating system. So it’s six of one, half a dozen of the answer, and I shall sit back and wait for this answer to be deleted or flagged.

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