Easiest Driver Back Up solution?

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I’ve to faced kinda of missing drivers after formatted Windows ..

Especially, Graphic Drivers, Touch-pad driver, finger print driver and so forth are sensitive . They do not work without installing drivers. I can even download at its official website . But some drivers are not found in the website. .. Thus, I’m looking for a solution ( may be a software : free ) that can backup my drivers effectively ( if it can do with schedule, it’ll be great) and can restore easily locally . Espcially, for Win XP and Vista.

Any suggestions with your experience will be appreciated really.


Well, if you want to keep it simple, the opensource driverbackup is probably what i’d recommend. Its quite helpful on my non DIY or thinkpad boxen

Driver Max is an excellent program with a good free version…you can backup and restore drivers with minimal effort…used it successfully when upgrading from Vista to 7…

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