Email account gets reset when pc restart

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I have multiple PCs connected to a domain through network (Windows Server 2012R2).
On one of my PC, every time when i restart the Desktop, my email account configured in MS office Outlook 2013 gets deleted which means i have to reconfigure same account each time the PC restart.

When the PC restarts one popup message You've been signed in with a temporary profile appears.


Sounds like the profile is corrupt for the user.

Log in as domain administrator or local administrator on that PC.

Go to c:user and rename the user account to add a _old at the end.

Go to Start Menu > type in regedit and load the Windows registry, go to this area of the registry hive:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionProfileList

Find the user in the list of profile GUID’s you should be able to click down the list and find the one that correlates to the users path c:usersxxx once found delete the key from the registry.

Log out of the administrator account and back in as the user, you should now get a new profile and not a temporary one. You can copy back any data from the c:usersxxxx_old path things like desktop, my docs, etc.

Create outlook profile and give it a reboot, should now be ok.

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