Excel 2007 shortcut?

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Is there a shortcut in Excel 2007 (or a simple way to define one) to paste all copied values, but without formatting ?

I’m entering some data in tables, and it would really save my life, that one.


It is Alt+H, V, V

Add the “Paste Values” button to your Quick Access toolbar.

  1. Right-click any tab on the menu bar, and then go to “Customize Quick Access Toolbar.”
  2. Pick “Customize” from the Categories on the left. Under “Choose Commands from,” pick “Home Tab.”
  3. Pick “Paste Values” from the long list. Click the “Add” button, then click “Ok.”

Since you’re going from Excel to Excel, a trick is to run two copies of Excel. Start the first one normally, but then run Excel again, and then open the second file. Copy and paste then goes between the two Excels as if it was text.

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