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I am wondering if there is an if/then formula for the following situation. I am trying to populate a monthly calendar. I want the calendar to show the value in A1 if the value in B1:B100 is equal to a specific date.

  A                  B
1 Fees Due           15-Mar
2 Registration Open  01-Apr

So if the formula is entered into the March 15th cell, it would result in “Fees Due”. But on April 1st, it would show “Registration Open”.

Any chance this is possible?


I think what you want is a formula that uses INDEX and MATCH. For instance, if the date you are looking up is in D2, you would use the following:


enter image description here

Alternatively, you can use an IF statement.
Let’s say your calendar dates start in cell D1 (next date is D2, and so on).
In cell E1 put the formula =IF(D1=$B$1,$A$1,$A$2)
You can then drag the formula down in column E

The formula references the values you put in cells A1, A2, B1 & B2, as per your original post

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