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I have a worksheet I work on and when I print pages on one computer the page setup is 100%, but on a different computer the page setup has to be changed to 94% to fit all the data on the page. Why is this and how do I fix it ?


While the paper size might be equal between your different printers, the overwhelming majority of printers can’t print to the full page, but only to the printable area. This is due to the fact, that the mechanics of a typical printer need some part of the page to grab it and move it through the printing apparatus.

When you scale a worksheet in Excel to fit the page, you actually scale it to fit the printable area of that page on the selected printer. With different printers providing different printable areas, a different scaling might be applied.


Thanks to @ForwardEd let me add, that the logical printable area (what the OS sees as printable area) is not only a property of the printer, but also of the printer driver. The physical printable area (The mechanical limit of the printing mechanism) is a property of the printer and can be bigger than the logical one.

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