Excel Return Max Text Value Using VLOOKUP

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I need to come up with a formula in excel that will identify the max and min software offered on a computer and input it into a new table.

So for instance, in one large table I have column names like SKU, PRICE, PRODUCT FAMILY, SOFTWARE VERSION, etc.

In another table I have a list of PRODUCT FAMILY, and I need to identify the max/min software.

Software can be sorted in excel:








But I cannot figure out how to return these as max/min values. Attempted Array Formula:

=MIN(IF(A4=Sheet1!$V$3:$V$644, Sheet1!$AE$3:$AE$644))

But this seems to be struggling with the non-numerical names. Does anyone have suggestions?


MIN only works on numerical values. You have to be a bit cleverer. I stole this formula from the PC Review forum:


where range refers to your Software Version column. It doesn’t seem to work if you specify a whole column (e.g. A:A).

It’s an array formula, so Ctrl-Shift-Enter it of course.

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