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I have an Excel document that has more sheets and those sheets link to each other using textual hyperlinks (Insert Hyperlink > Place in This Document).

When I click such hyperlink, it takes me to another sheet (or, more specifically, to a certain cell in that sheet). Is there a way to quickly navigate back? I tried to add the “Back” command to the Quick Access Toolbar but it is grayed out after navigation.


  1. Go to Quick Access Toolbar editor (select More Commands on the dropdown to the
    right of it).
  2. In the subsequent dialog select the All Commands option in the
    dropdown control.
  3. Then look for the Back and Forward options. Double click them to add them to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Screenshot showing each step

Note that the Undo button, which is on the Quick Access Toolbar bar by default, looks very similar to the Back button.

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