Extend Window Beyond Bottom of Screen on MacOS

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I would like to extend one of my application windows below the bottom of the screen. I can easily extend it beyond the left/right sides (simply drag it to one side, then resize, and repeat), however I haven’t been able to achieve a vertical resize of the window.

Is there a modification to the OS I can do to enable this behavior? I’ve also looked at simulating an external display, as I believe a higher resolution external display does enable resizing below the bottom of the screen; however I haven’t seen anyway to make this work, and I don’t have access to a real external display currently.

If you’re wondering why I need to do this, it’s for a screen capture software—I need to fit a large amount of content into the window at once.

Any ideas?



Not sure how to unlock expending a window vertically beyond the screen.

1/ You may try to run an apple script like this:

tell application "XXX"
  set bounds of front window to {x, y, width, height}
end tell

with setting a high value for height. Like {30, 30, 1200, 4000}

2/ If it’s to capture a web page, there are plugins for that.

3/ Or Snagit allows capturing with scrolling feature. But it won’t be free after the trial expires.

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