Extract bitmaps from Win98 SOL.EXE

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I installed Windows 98 in a Virtualbox with the games. Then I sent myself the game Solitaire (SOL.EXE). Now I have SOL.EXE on Windows 7 and it actually runs. But I just wanted to extract the bitmaps out of it. But when I try this with any resource editor it says, not a valid Win32 application or non valid PE file.

So how can I extract the bitmaps out of this .EXE?


Try Resource Hacker. It is free and able to open uncompressed EXE & DLL files.

One can use a combination of wresttool and icotool on linux to extract icons and pngs, and if you really feel like tearing stuff up, 7z x SOL.EXE will tear it all apart, and you can find most all image files in .rsc or so.

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