File association and msconfig broken. Malware?

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A friend of mine had an Acer laptop. It has Vista Home Basic. I can’t get system properties open. Msconfig does not run. Also, exe filetype is asking me what program to run it with. How can I fix that?

I’m running AVG now.

Assuming nothing shows up, what are fixes to the above mentioned issues?


Reimage. If you’re not sure about what viruses are infecting the machine or how it got to that condition, the only sure thing you can do it format and start over or restore from a known good backup.

Here are some file association fixes for Vista

Once the exe is fixed, download MBAM and install it, then run it and go to the Update tab and update it twice, then do a full system scan, when it is done scanning, let it remove everything it found as an infection.


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