File copy software that first checks for errors and than copies only undamaged files? [closed]

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I’m trying to copy files from a damaged HDD to a fine one (both connected via USB 3.0 under Windows 8.1) but I’m having a hard time since it’s more than 1TB of data. I’m using robocopy with r:0 and w:0 but when a file with CRC error is found the copy process gets stuck for at least one minute for every damaged file, the dead time is not proportional to the file size and having more than 10k damaged files you can imagine how long it’s taking.

I’ve tried other softwares but it’s always the same, no matter if I say to skip a file with errors or set the wait time to 0 the copy process always waits a random amount of time before going to the next file so I was wondering… is there a software that can check for errors BEFORE trying to copy and than copies only the files without errors?

I also use Ubuntu so if there are linux utilities that work similar to robocopy or that answer my question please let me know!

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Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier !

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