Firefox and Chrome use 100% CPU and load pages dreadfully slowly

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Problem :

I got a new ASUS laptop with Windows 10 preinstalled. Unfortunately, Google Chrome uses 100% of the CPU for 10-20 seconds when I load some pages. Then CPU usage goes back to normal. I’m having the exact same issue with Firefox.

My old laptop (Windows 8.1) runs Google Chrome and Firefox just fine with a reasonably similar CPU.

How could I troubleshoot this?

I already tried a ton of solutions from Window’s settings (power plan / optimize performance) to disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome and Windows registry hacks but so far nothing made any difference whatsoever.

Solution :

If you can not get an answer;-
Maxthon Browser in Google’s Playstore is a “light” browser that shares favorites, even open tabs amongst devices with a sign-in and cloud storage.
I’m currently using their next generation browser (alpha release) that works only in Windows 10/Android/iOS enviroments.
I noticed a great improvement using this browser in Windows 7, and it does still work in Windows 10, even though this alpha release MX5 is only for Win 10.
You might try it…. can sign up for the newest release. They need some good user feedback.
Maybe this will help.
ps windows version available from their sight download only, android from playstore.

I don’t have a particular answer for you, but you can try to use the built-in Chrome Task Manager to assist in troubleshooting:

At the top right, click Menu Menu.

Click More Tools and then Task Manager.

You could also try switching to Chrome Beta build and see if that helps.

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