Firefox plugin or software to open file from clipboard

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What Firefox plugin or software can open a file from the clipboard?

I’ve asked this on Stack Overflow: How can I start a Windows GUI program using PHP?
but it seems hard to do it only using PHP code.


  • Not quite sure what you mean but there’s “Launch Clipboard” add-on for FF.

  • You can use keyboard shortcut to launch FF with filename contained in clipboard. AutoHotkey Create “*.ahk” file anywhere and place smth like this into it:

    clipboard = %clipboard%
    EnvGet, programs, ProgramFiles(x86)
    StringReplace, programs, programs, , \, All
    Run, "%programs%\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" file:///%clipboard%

Run the script (H icon will appear in tray).

The script above will open things like “c:docsfile.html” (contained in clipboard) in FF when you press Win+H (#H). Look through autohotkey documentation to define any other hotkey. You can also extend the script’s functionality to store clipboard into a file and open it with FF.

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