Focus-follows-mouse for Google Chrome on macOS?

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I am seeking focus-follows-mouse behavior for Google Chrome windows on macOS. The desired behavior is that if there are two browser windows, occupying the left and right halves of the screen, then moving the mouse from the left half of the screen to the right half of the screen would change focus from the left browser window to the right.

I have tried enabling focus-follows-mouse behavior more generally. Following the answers linked below, I have been able to enable this behavior for Terminal and iTerm windows as well as for X11 applications. Furthermore I have seen that the Amethyst window manager supports this behavior, although I do not wish to replace the default window manager with a tiling window manager for various reasons. Lastly, the app Zooom/2 has been recommend in various answers linked to below, although this app now appears to be defunct and the links give 404 errors.

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Focus follows mouse is possible in macOS, Mojave in my case, using chunkwm.
See this Stack Overflow response for a “no autoraise” solution. Autoraise is activated by leaving

chunkc set ffm_disable_autoraise         0

in ~/.chunkwmrc.

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