Font affects MS Word’s spell check ability?

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When I use the Wingdings font, the spell checker doesn’t work (Wingdings isn’t the only font I have this problem, there are others).

How can I fix this, how can I force the spell checker to ignore the font, and focus on the characters themselves?

This is what I mean:
My document

BTW I did not click ignore, or anything of that nature.


I’d assume this is because different fonts could signify different languages. English fonts are checked using the appropriate English spelling dictionary, but for non-English fonts it would not make sense to check it using an English dictionary. Wingdings being a symbol font, not a language font, is probably not checked by any dictionary ever.

Another way to look at it is this: If you were typing in a font such as MSP Mincho (Japanese), you would not want the system to spell check the output based on an English dictionary.

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