Freeswitch: Can’t do video call/conference using H26x

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Problem :

I using FS 1.6 . I’ve compiled it source codes. There is no problem when doing a video call using VP8 codec, but when I restrict the clients to use H263 or H264 codecs, no video is shown. After investigating FS logs and network packets, i found out that clients request H263 or H264 but FS does not negotiate it!

Following lines show that FS only compare H264 with VP8:

2017-01-25 05:58:07.132032 [DEBUG] switch_core_media.c:4843 Video Codec Compare [H264:108]/[VP8:99]
2017-01-25 05:58:07.132032 [DEBUG] switch_core_media.c:4843 Video Codec Compare [H264:99]/[VP8:99]

Although H264 is loaded as show codec output in fs_cli is:

codec,H.261 Video (passthru),mod_h26x
codec,H.263 Video (passthru),mod_h26x
codec,H.263+ Video (passthru),mod_h26x
codec,H.263++ Video (passthru),mod_h26x
codec,H.264 Video (passthru),mod_h26x

30 total.

This problem occurs in video conference call and point to point call.

Any solution?

Solution :

Did you add H264 in /etc/freeswitch/vars.xml?
At this line:

Video has not worked for me while having both VP8 and H264 configured in this line so you might have to stick to only VP8 or H264.

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