Fresh install of windows 7 “frozen” logo at “starting windows”

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Problem :

I have been trying to install and boot a windows 7 on my laptop which has UEFI.

When I boot, the “starting windows” animation plays for a short while (like only small colorful dots are just present” and then the animation freezes. no matter how much I wait, it doesn’t load.

Its a brand new fresh install of windows 7 and I already have searched about it, and got absolutely no result. tried several different windows iso and yet no luck.

My PC has no hardware problems as it runs win 10 perfectly and boots under 5 seconds.

I have tried using safe mode, startup repair, anythings else. tried with both GPT and MBR schemes, both with CSM-mode on, and off. my cpu is a Intel 7700k and gtx 1050 gpu.

My hard drive is not removable.

I would also like to back up my data before doing anything else, any suggestions on how to do this when it no longer boots.

I have checked my RAM and its fine. and i cant open my laptop to change some components or plug out the GPU as some people have suggested over the net. If anyone knows what should i do to fix the problem i would be thankful and would also help many other users who seem to have the same problem but have no luck at finding their answer over the net.

Solution :

When that happens on my PC, it means it’s overheating, and the CPU throttled all the way down, to a stop.

When you clean install Windows, the files on your removable medium are copied onto the RAM, then decompressed on the hard drive. That calls for a lot of load on the CPU and bus, and sometimes leads to overheating. Maybe some setting in the BIOS could help you reduce that strain and proceed with the install?

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