games opening at double resolution with 2 monitors

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Problem :

Whenever I open a game on my computer, It opens at a resolution of 3840×1080 aka the resolution of both of my monitors, combined. Now some games have good resolution controls, most do not. Is there anything I can do about this?

It may be worth noting that most games are still stuck at the aforementioned resolution, even if I switch to one monitor, which makes me think it may be related to the way Nvidea writes the Xorg settings

My specs are;
Linux Mint 64 bit – nVidia 560ti

Solution :

Well, this is a common issue when running games on nVidia Twinview (as the two screens are actually one ‘logical’ screen). Usually it’s only a matter of setting the right “Metamodes” in your xorg.conf and running


or add it to your ~/.bashrc

Arch wiki – Gaming using Twinview

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