Google Chrome Freezes ALL the time

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Problem :

I’m running the most recent version of Google Chrome. I have had this computer for three weeks now with no problems, now today it just WON’T work for me. I am running windows 8 with a machine that can more than handle Chrome. It keeps freezing up literally every five seconds then it unfreezes. I cannot click links or scroll, but I can switch tabs. I have tried several things.

  1. Uninstalling Google Chrome
  2. Reinstalling Chrome but not logging in
  3. Deleting All plugins including Flash
  4. Creating a new user and accessing chrome from there

This is insanely frustrating and would be forever indebted to whomever helped me solve this problem. I cannot imagine what it is.

Thank you in advance!

Solution :

I had a similar problem a while ago, frustrating as all hell. Turned out to be driver related – updating my chipset and GFX hcard drivers solved the freezing.

Although I’ve also ran into cases where chrome froze up because I had Flash installed on the PC. Chrome has flash built in so I think there was a compatibility issue. I would update your drivers and if that fails, remove flash from the PC.

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