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Problem :

Google Chrome has new feature for speech to text any video. (only english)

Are there any way to edit or select text in this box. İ tried some methods but. It’s not a dom element. I can’t edit or access this box.
I need to access this text for copy. But text in the box cant editable or copyable.

If there is any config for manage this box I can try.

Sample Live Caption Box (cant copyable)

Solution :

I noticed that the example is taken from YouTube, where auto-generated
text transcripts of the videos are automatically available in many cases.

  • To access this feature, click the three dots menu (...) below the video
    and select “Transcript” from the menu
  • You may be asked to select a language or you may be able select a language
    from the drop-down element. Make your choice and you’ll see a full transcript
    along with timestamps.
  • You may disable the timestamps by clicking the three-points hamburger
    icon and selecting “Toggle timestamps”
  • Click and drag to highlight all the text (it will scroll automatically)
    and press
    to copy it.

You can paste this text anywhere to create your transcript in a text file.

For more information with screenshots see the article
How to Transcribe YouTube Videos Automatically.

For other cases where the text is inaccessible, you could use an OCR product.
I have used with much success the open-source application
This product is very accurate and is a alternative to accessing the text-box.

Using greenshot on your second image gave me this:
“computer power supplies output 12 volts If you apply 12 volts to a CPU
it‘ll look something like this”. Pretty good and very accurate.

I don’t know if you can access the live caption box but an easy workaround is you can screenshot the screen (Win + PrtSc) and use something like google translate to extract text.

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