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Problem :

I’ve installed Google Chrome as my default browser in Ubuntu, and recently installed Gnome Do and enabled the Google Search plugin. The Google Search from Gnome Do works exactly as expected but for one thing: Chrome (which is typically set to open in “incognito” mode) does not open in “incognito” mode. The shortcuts on my desktop, taskbar, and menus all have the --incognito flag attached (which works just fine), but the browser refuses to open in this mode when launched from Gnome Do. Any suggestions?

Also, please note the settings for the Google Search plugin in Gnome Do:

alt text

It’s obvious that Gnome Do just passes the Google Search blindly to the default browser. In other words, there are no configurable settings specifically for Chrome. Any thoughts?

Solution :

Go to System -> Preferences -> Preferred Applications

The first tab, “Internet”, includes “Web Browser”. Choose “Custom” (the last item). You will then be able to type in the “Command:” text box. Put in

chromium-browser --incognito %s

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