Hard drive letter incorrectly reassigned

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Problem :

During my failed attempt to use Norton Ghost to clone my boot drive, the original disk letter assignments were changed and now Windows 7 can not find my files. The original disk (which I am still using) has a boot/recovery partition assigned as D: and the main partition with all docs/programs/etc. was C:. During the attempted cloning of the new drive, the main partition of the original drive was reassigned to K:, so now Windows 7 can not find it. How can I correct the letter assignment problem?

Solution :

Open the start menu, right click ‘Computer’, and click ‘Manage’. Wait for a moment while the Microsoft Management Console starts.

In the left pane of the MMC, select ‘Storage’ > ‘Disk Management’. In the lower middle pane, you should see your hard drive (probably Disk 0) with a bar chart representing its partitions. Right click a partition and select ‘Change Drive Letter and Paths’. Select the entry with the current letter and press Modify, in the box that opens you’ll be able to select a new drive letter.

The old drive letter will continue to work as well as the new one until you restart (to prevent file handles currently open becoming invalid).

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