Having trouble connecting to my university’s WPA2 secured network with network-manager on Debian

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Problem :

I’ve been trying for days now to connect my Debian machine to my university’s WPA2 secured eduroam network.

The network’s specifications are as follows

  • Security Type: WPA2 Enterprise
  • Encryption Type: AES
  • Authentication Method: PEAP, EAP MSCHAPv2

The network manager I have been attempting to connect with is network-manager.

What happens when I try to connect:
I configure the network settings to meet my university’s specification of PEAP and MSCHAPv2, tick the option that says no CA cert is required (none is required), enter my username and password (which I know are correct), and click connect. It attempts to connect, and not even a second later, it drops the process and goes back to connect (successfully) to the UNSECURED network that I also have access to. No error messages, nothing.
Just to clarify, this is not the known bug where it infinitely asks for authentication. It does not do this.

I know that this is not a hardware problem, because I can easily connect to unsecured networks.

More information:

I have tried multiple other network managers, but to no avail.

ConnMan – surprisingly succeeded in connection, but disconnected not 5 minutes later and would not let me reconnect

wicd – refused to connect to anything, even unsecured networks. It either hung on “Obtaining IP Address” in the case of unsecured, or returned the error “bad password” in the case of secured.

I would prefer to stick to network-manager, because I feel that it can work.

I would very much appreciate it if someone were to attempt to help me out here, I have no other resources left at this point. I am on the verge of reinstalling Debian, and will do so if I cannot find an answer.
Thank you.

Solution :

There are several components involved in a wifi connection, and at this point it is not clear which one is responsible for this strange behaviour, given also that you have not looked at the error messages.

The next time you experience the same problem (disconnection from eduroam, impossibility to detect any other wifi network), proceed as follows:

  1. Issue the commands:

              sudo ifdown wlan0
              sudo ifup wlan0

    and now try to see whether the wifi works again;

  2. if it does not, issue the commands:

             sudo service networking stop
             sudo service networking start

    and now try to see whether the wifi works again;

  3. if it does not, issue the commands

            sudo service network-manager stop
            sudo service network-manager start

    and try to see whether the wifi works again.

If it does not, you will have to search amidst the error messages, as I stated in my comment, no way to wiggle your way out of this.

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