HGST hard drive SMART reporting drive failure in less than 24 hours from 1 reallocated sector

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It says the worst was 1 Reallocated Sector Count and the current is 1 with 5 as the threshold. That’s from smartmontools. Ubuntu’s gnome-disk-manager says almost the same thing but shows the current value at 0.

No other attributes show failing status.

When I noticed this a few days ago, i reformatted a few times as ext4 with read-write test and an area did show up with maybe 30 bad blocks. However, retesting today, i find no bad blocks at all.

So anyway I’m confused.


  • If you hear strange sounds like your Hard Disk Drive ticks like a clock.
  • If your Hard Disk Drive motor spin-up slow or getting slower.

The S.M.A.R.T. report can behave like your question with the conditions above.

It’s time to replace it, doesn’t matter how old it is, it can be 3 weeks or 12 years.

The fact that you had around 30 bad blocks and the are gone, plus the reallocation may imply a faulty connection. Try replacing the SATA cable, then give the drive a check with any disk checking tool. Re-check SMART attributes.