How can I block specific domains on Windows, only for certain users?

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I want to limit what websites I can view when logged in under an account. I don’t think it’s possible to accomplish this via the hosts file or router. Ideas for good/free solutions?


You can use the windows firewall.

Set up a block rule for a website, then open up the properties and go to the users tab, and set up who it should apply to.

I can only vouch for this working in Windows 7.

The user tab in the properties window looks like this:

firewall rule properties, users tab


Sorry for my mistake.

You can only block IP address ranges, not URLs, but IP address are trivial to find out for websites.

At the command prompt, just ping the website you want to block:

command prompt for ping

Then in the users tab of the properties window, just select the users that should be allowed to skip this rule.

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