How can I clean HOME folder in linux?

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Problem :

There is a way to clean in a controlled way the $HOME folders than usually save cache files?

E.g: I have a .config folder with more than 300MB. How can I clean it?. Is there a program that can be used to control the saved files? In .mozilla folder you can clean up using the Firefox options.

Solution :

Bleachbit is a program that supports the configuration directories of many programs and is able to delete things that aren’t quite necessary (bleachbit is similiar to ccleaner on windows, if you happen to know that).

At least Ubuntu has it in it’s repositories.

In the $HOME/.config folder there are files created by many different programs, and as such there is no easy way to manage them all.

These files should be created/managed/removed by each single application, and deleting them can (will) result in loss of data (personal configurations in this case).

Being that all the data contained should be configuration data, this folder should not contain a lot of data, 300MB is quite a lot of config.

You can enquire which subfolder contains most of the data by using the command:

du -sh ~/.config/*

and you can see by yourself which folder has grown out of control.

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