How can I confirm that the DNS server I’m using is Microsoft-based?

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I’m having difficulty resolving AD-specific SRV records and would like to confirm whether or not the DNS server I’m using is Microsoft-based or something else (e.g. BIND). Is there anyway to do this from the client side? Unfortunately I don’t have access to the DNS server itself and the internal IP is inconclusive.

Is there any way to find out from the client side?


Try one of

dig @nameserver version.bind txt chaos
nslookup -type=txt -class=chaos version.bind nameserver

If you get an answer, it is a version of BIND and might give a clue to the OS as well.

For obvious security reasons, this sort of facility is usually disabled.

There is also fpdns, it may not have a Windows port but you could boot a Linux live CD.

Could you try running nmap against it for a OS fingerprint?

There is also this project, but it suffers from the same issue-you have to install something.

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