How can I create a hotkey to play/pause Pandora on OS X?

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I’m on OS X and want to have a hotkey (e.g. Cmd-Opt-P) to play/pause Pandora. I’ve used Butler to set one up for iTunes, but can’t find a comparable solution for Pandora. I’m open to any solution (including apps, AppleScripts, etc.) that would allow me to bind a hotkey to play/pause, and I’m willing to use a paid solution as well. What can I do?

Solutions I’ve looked into and/or tried:

  • Pandora Boy: but the keyboard shortcuts don’t seem to work for me, despite following the instructions here.
  • The official Pandora One player: according to the comments on this Pandora blog post, it doesn’t support hotkeys.

My system:

  • OS X 10.6.6
  • Each of the various truly-modern browsers
  • Flash 10.1


Open Automator, select the “Service” template. Configure (at the top) the service to receive no input in any application. On the left in Library » Utilities, double-click the Run AppleScript action to add it to the service. Paste the following code:

tell application "PandoraBoy" to playpause

Press Cmd-S to save and name it “Play/Pause Pandora”.

Open System Preferences » Keyboard » Keyboard Shortcuts » Services, select “Play/Pause Pandora” from the list and click to its right so an input field appears. Press your desired shortcut.

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