How can I establish whether my network chip is failing?

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In the middle of a Skype call yesterday, my friend told me my framerate and audio had abruptly dropped to broken and unusable levels. I could still see and hear him perfectly. Instant messaging works perfectly, but with voice chat over Steam I can hear perfectly but not be heard.

I am unable to play networked video games whatsoever– the pings with other players are in the 6000s.

In general it seems webpages load perfectly.

I restored the computer to a backup from a week prior: same problem. I reinstalled/updated network drivers: nothing. I ran a virus scan: nothing.

The problem seems to be with outbound traffic, yet it only seems to apply to “stream-y” type things.

I can’t think what else could be wrong other than a failing network chip. Is there any way to be sure?

Note, this is over wifi. I have no LAN cables to test with.
Also, my other laptop, a mac, works perfectly. Issue does not seem to be with my internet.


the pings with other players are in the 6000s.

Do you mean 6000ms? Please try to run the traceroute on your OS so that you will find which hop causes so high latency.

If the first hop causes it, it means that your laptop has connection issues with the WIFI router.

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