How can I find the time I fast booted my windows 8 computer this morning?

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Problem :

I have a Windows 8.1 laptop at work which I turn off every evening and turn on every morning. I want to know at what time I started my computer this morning. However, I use the fast boot option. This means that all the options I could find for Windows 7 (eventlog warning 100, wmic os get lastbootuptime, systeminfo | find /i "Boot Time", Task manager performance tab) don’t apply, because they all find my reboot for Windows Update yesterday, not my fast boot from this morning. I also surprisingly cannot find anything on Google, with all options talking about how to enable (or sometimes disable) the Fast boot on Windows 8.1.

What fast boot compatible options are there to figure out at what time I booted my laptop this morning (or a past morning)?

Solution :

I did some more browsing of the event logs and found a solution.

Open the System logbook in the Windows Logbooks root folder. then filter for events of level information with event ID 1. this will show 2 different events: one from the Kernel-General, one from the Power-Troubleshooter. The Kernel-General event is a notification that the system time has changed. the Power-troubleshooter event is what you need: “The system has exited a state of low energy use”. It even says when this energy use started and when it ended.

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