How can I get the MacBook Pro trackpad to work on Windows 8?

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I can’t seem to get the trackpad to work on my MacBook Pro. I have tried the Boot Camp drivers with no luck.

Does anybody know what drivers are needed for Windows 8 and a MacBook Pro trackpad?

EDIT: With Windows being out for a while now, anybody got a solution to this problem yet?


From: How do i get my macbookpro trackpad working with Windows 8? – Microsoft Community

I upgraded windows 7 enterprise to windows 8 (build 9200, 26 Oct 2012
release) there was no response from the the trackpad and I was getting
code (1) error when trying to install manually the win 7 trackpad
driver, but a mouse worked fine. What worked for me to get back all
supported gestures and the trackpad is:

  1. uninstall both trackpad drivers from device manager. For some reason I was seeing two trackpad devices. (Type devmgmt.msc in Search
    bar to access it).

  2. Then right click on the trackpad device chose update driver -> “choose location on the computer” -> then “let me pick from list of
    devices” -> select “usb input device” !!! for both trackpad

  3. Then simply run the bootcamp 4 disk, but do a repair. Everything works fine.

(Macbook pro early 2011 13″ with latest lion and dual boot with
windows 8 enterprise)

just install bootcamp and restart
first you expand hidden icons click bootcamp button that show 4 options
click on bootcamp control panel windows ask the permission just click on yes
bootcamp control panel is open, select track pad , select checkbox you want

Yes the following article entitled “Enabling Multi Apple Trackpad on Windows 8” published on November 25th 2012 is written in Indonesian, however you can translate it into English with Google Chrome.

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