How can I import Mac Thunderbird e-mails to a Windows e-mail program?

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My Mac laptop died. Its hard drive is still good. I was able to pull what I needed off the Mac and copy it to a Windows machine using an open source tool (I forgot its name).

I need my old e-mails. I was using Thunderbird for e-mail on the Mac. How do I load those e-mails into Thunderbird, Outlook or any other Windows e-mail tool? I did Google this, and there were some brief explanations, but they did not work. The vast majority of posts are about going from Windows to Mac.


Find the profile folder on your Mac and copy it to proper folder on your Windows:

To access HFS drives from your Mac on Windows you need to use special software (i.e. MacDrive) or some Linux Live CD. (I recommend Ubuntu).

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