How can I keep a folder on two computers in sync, without uploading to the cloud?

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I want to keep certain folders in sync between various computers. They are a mix of Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7 machines.

I already know about services such as SpiderOak and Dropbox, but I want to keep these folders in sync without using third-party services or servers. Also, in SpiderOak, if you want to keep files in sync between multiple computers, you have to also keep a file uploaded to the SpiderOak servers which will eat up space.

I already have a server I use to host a personal webpage, and I never get anywhere near my limit on bandwidth. I was wondering if I could use this server a a fixed IP intermediary to sync between my two computers.


Funny, I was just reading an article on this. You can read the article for yourself, Ill just highlight some of the suggestions.

Or roll your own server with

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