How can I make DBAN bootable from UFD?

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Problem :

I want to make DBAN bootable from a UFD (USB Flash Drive). I have the ISO image (dban-2.2.7_i586.iso) and I am using a tool called Rufus (rufus_v1.3.4.exe).

I first tried using the default settings. It didn’t work. It gets stuck at “Verifying DMI Pool Data”. The keyboard cursor is blinking but it’s like nothing is loading, and I can’t use Ctrl+Alt+Del to abort and reboot. I have to use the Reset button.


I then tried copying the ISO again, this time enabling the option “add fixes for old BIOSes (extra partition, align, etc.)” because it says that this can help with boot detection for old BIOSes. This didn’t help. At “Verifying DMI Pool Data” it just skips it when the boot fails and goes on with booting from the regular hard disk with Windows.

Solution :

Have a look through DBAN’s forums. This thread, has some suggestions:

The USB drive needs to be setup with a single FAT (not FAT32) partition, any extras like U3 need to be removed.


You need to specifically run the .exe with Administrator rights. In Windows 7, do this by right-clicking the .exe and choosing “Run as Administrator”.

There is also a howto over on

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