How can I make Google Chrome automatically translate a page?

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Problem :

If I visit a page that isn’t in my native language, how can I make Google Chrome translate it automatically for me into my native language?

Do I need to change any settings, if so where can I find them?

Solution :

If you have already chosen “Don’t translate this page”, the prompt won’t come up.

You can right-click and there should be a translation option available.

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You may have to check the translation bar that drops down to make sure the source language is correct.

When you visit a page in Chrome where the language doesn’t match your locale, Chrome will prompt you to translate the page content:


As you can see, my locale is English, and when I visit this page in French, Chrome offers to translate the content for me. When I click the Translate button, it will perform an inline translation of the content, and allow you to hover over a word or phrase and see the original content:

final translation

If this doesn’t happen automatically, make sure that in Chrome’s preferences, the option to automatically translate is selected.


If not done automatically, you can use this: Chrome Google Translate extension.

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