How can I rate or tag files that aren’t images in Windows 7? [duplicate]

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In Windows 7 it is possible to rate images or tag Word-files. Since I’m reading a lot on my computer, I would like to mark PDF-files I’ve already read. The image-rating-option would be great and so would be the tag option, but other solutions are also very welcome (even adding a small x or so to the details window in the properties). It only needs to be shown in Windows Explorer somehow. I know that it is possible using shells. Unfortunately I’m not a programmer and sure, that I’m not the first one with that ‘problem’. Any idea or suggestion anyone?


Windows 7 has built-in tagging capabilities but is limited to office documents. Here is one of many sites that describe this.

TaggedFrog – I recently uninstalled this after using it for a couple weeks. Does not integrate into the windows explorer. Interface is clumsy and non-statndard. Adding files and tagging them is tedious and inconvenient.

Tag2Find – I used this for a year or so. It’s ok, but maybe better polished now. It does integrate with the windows explorer. Definitely better than TaggedFrog.



Try Folder Marker to mark folders.

It works on Windows 7 as well as Windows 8 and is also free to use.

You may also try UserInfoTip to mark files.

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