How can I read SMART data from my HDDs in Win7 recovery command prompt? [duplicate]

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Win7 won’t finish loading on my laptop, and I’m trying to find a way to get any tool, like smartctl, onto a USB stick so that I can check the hard drives.

I’ve used wmic which says the drives are OK, but I wanted to see if I could dig any deeper.

The problem with smartctl is that I can only download the Windows setup exe, which is no help since I’ve only got my laptop and a linux machine to work with. Obviously I should have installed smartctl before I had this issue 🙁

hdtune would have been good as well, but I can’t run it from the command prompt, even if i could get it installed.

This question is a result of my earlier question Intel RAID0 physical device error occurred(0), Win7 won’t run but disks seem OK – is it salvageable?

I’ve seen this question below but can’t use any of the solutions (except wmci)

How can I read my hard drive’s SMART status in Windows 7?


You could use powershell, but it still doesn’t give you much info:

Make sure your command prompt has elevated privileges (right click, run as admin) and type the following:

powershell “(Get-WmiObject -namespace root/wmi -class MSStorageDriver_FailurePredictStatus -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Select PSComputerName, InstanceName, Active, PredictFailure, Reason | Format-Table -AutoSize)”

If PredictFailure is True, the drive has a problem. The reason code could then be used to lookup the failure. Each vendor uses their own set of reason codes.

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