How can I reboot Windows 7 from LAN

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I have Windows 7 installed on one of my PC’s. It’s up and running. However I don’t have physical access to it. I have another PC connected to it through the LAN. I can see shared folders, ping, etc.. Is there any way I can reboot the first Windows 7 remotely from LAN, having administrative credentials?


You can use PsShutdown, from Microsoft’s Sysinternals group, or you can remote-desktop in and reboot it in the usual fashion, assuming that you have remote desktop set up.

From command prompt on the PC you can access:

shutdown /r /m \yourComputer /t 5

(change “yourComputer” to the name of your Windows 7 machine that you’re trying to restart)

This will tell it to send a restart to that computer, starting in 5 seconds.