How can I remove the Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 splash screen?

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I have an application running on MS-DOS 6.22, which is installed in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 on a WinVista machine. I would like to eliminate the Virtual PC splash screen that appears when the users boot up the DOS virtual hard disk. I have made as many other changes possible so that the users don’t notice that their app is running on a VPC or DOS 6.22.

EDIT: If the VPC2007 spash screen cannot be prevented from displaying, can I replace it with another splash screen of my choice?


yes you can remove it ..


Install it then goto C:Program FilesMicrosoft Virtual PC
right click “Virtual PC.exe” and click open using resource hacker
scroll down to bitmap 250 hit the + sign and click 1033, right click this
delete resource [Bitmap : 250 : 1033], now go to file and save.
It will auto backup the original as “Virtual PC_original.exe”
there you go no splash!

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