How can I remove url autocorrect entry in google chrome (windows)

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The first time I used Chrome on this computer I mistakenly typed in the URL/Search textbox “C/#” instead of “C#” and now eveytime I write a sentence that starts with “C#” it “auto-corrects” it to the C/#, and since it’s the first word in the URL box the browser thinks it’s a protocol name (e.g http://, ftp://, etc…).

I read online that you can select the entry and press SHIFT + DELETE but it won’t work…

How can I remove it?
Please help.


You didn’t mistakenly type C/#, it’s actually an older bug that resurfaced.

See (reported Sept 2).

Or here (reported Aug 21st)

Another user had this problem too here.

Chrome developers are already working on it so it should be fixed soon.

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