How can I run Ubuntu under Windows?

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I am downloading Ubuntu but I am confused. Should I download the desktop version since I want to keep using Windows as it is.

I just want to run some applications and install some framework using linux. Please let me know what I should do?


Ubuntu is an operating system, Windows is one too, so there is no Ubuntu “for Windows”.

However you can run Ubuntu in a virtual machine, on Windows, using VMWare or VirtualBox for example. So this will keep your Windows untouched, and Ubuntu will be running in a window like an other program.

Here are some tutorials on how to do this:

ubuntu is the operating system, like windows. its not a program you run in windows. you can load ubuntu on a dvd or a USB drive and boot from the dvd/usb and run the OS from the dvd without installing, then you can keep windows how it is. they have the instructions here

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