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Problem :

When you go to, Chrome asks you to let mailto: links be handled by gmail. On, Microsoft has forgotten to give their users this feature. How to do it yourself?

Edit 2021-8-3
This feature is now built into the website! Just load the site and your inbox, and you’ll see a bar with a button near the top, to enable the feature (if Outlook deems your browser is compatible).

Solution :

My comapny has Office 365 and the online Outlook is hosted at
To set this site as e-mail handler in Chrome:

  1. Open the web mail site
  2. Open the Chrome console (ctrl+shift+j)
  3. Copy the following line in the console and hit Enter:
navigator.registerProtocolHandler("mailto", "", "Office 365");

If you change your mind open chrome://settings/handlers and remove the listed handler using the three-dot menu.

It’s a bit of a convoluted process, but you can do it using navigator.registerProtocolHandler and a web site that rewrites the URL’s query string a little.

Go to This is a tiny Glitch project I wrote for which the code is below, but you can verify there is no hanky panky here:!/terrific-charger?path=script.js:1:0.

Open the Chrome console (ctrl+shift+j), then paste the following code into it and hit enter:


Chrome will now tell you that “ wants to Open email links”. Click “Allow”. That’s it!

To undo the new behavior, go to: chrome://settings/handlers, and remove the listed handler using the three-dot menu.

Glitch code:

if (
   location = '' + 

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