How can I upgrade Ubuntu from 9.10 to 10.04 on a netbook with a 4GB root partition?

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Problem :

I have an Asus EeePC 901, running Ubuntu 9.10. I’d like to upgrade it to 10.04. I don’t want to reinstall, since I have a bunch of scripts and programs all set up.

However, when I attempt to upgrade using sudo do-release-upgrade, I get an error asking me to free up another ~600MB on /.

My / is mounted on sda0, which is a 4GB SSD. I do not have 600MB worth of deletable stuff on /.

I’ve emptied my trash, and done apt-get autoremove and apt-get clean.

I do have plenty of space in /home, mounted on sda1 (a 16GB SSD).

Is there some way I can tell apt-get to use a different download/temp directory?

Solution :

Figure out where the temporary directory is, and mount something else (an SD card?) to that directory.

Ok, I think that do-release-upgrade was serious about needing the space on the root drive.

It also checks for free space in a bunch of other folders, but it actually needed the extra 600MB to be on /. I guess that was the amount of space the new versions of all my packages would take up.

I managed to clear enough space by removing all my old linux kernels (they don’t automatically get removed!), and it’s downloading the upgrade now.

i have always used
sudo apt-get upgrade

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