How do I change my cmd.exe to English?

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I use Windows XP in Dutch, but I’d like to have my cmd.exe in English.

Is there a way I can change the language? Can I download a separate version of cmd.exe in English? Are there any other ways?



chcp 437

in the cmd prompt.

For example:

C:Usersjavaserv> chcp 437
Active code page: 437

It depends on how your Windows is localized (I’m not familiar with Dutch Windows specifically). Look at the following folder:


If you have the file named cmd.exe.mui there, rename it to something else. Your command prompt will be in English mostly (all text coming from the cmd.exe will be English, but some error messages are coming from other sources and will be in Dutch.

If you don’t have such folder, or if cmd.exe.mui is not there, it means your cmd.exe (command prompt execuable) has its Dutch strings built in, so you cannot change it to English easily.

There will be no “obscure long link from”. cmd.exe is a Windows component and is not distributed separately.

If you are running Windows XP you can translate a lot strings yourself. Using a resource editor like XN Resource Editor or ResEdit you can modify the included messages and save everything as a modified EXE file.

Note: As we are talking about a component of Windows I assume that modifying a executable from Windows is not covered by the license you have accepted when installing Windows.

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