How do I connect an iPhone to my PC to load MP3s to it?

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How can I connect my iPhone to my PC so I can download mp3’s to it? I also want to update the OS on the phone.

I have an iPod, but the connector doesn’t seem to fit.


The best and easiest way is using the USB connector and iTunes. You can easily pick up a new cable at amazon.

Step 0) Buy a compatible cable, Deal-Extreme is a great option. Make sure your iPhone model is listed. Note the cheap shipping takes approx. 5 weeks.

Step 1) Download & Install iTunes. Use it update your iOS on your phone. (iTunes will be like “Yo, dis ‘ere eye-fone iz outta dayte dawg” – then your phone will be ruined updated upon your approval).

Step 2) Import your MP3s in to iTunes and load them on your iPhone

Step 3 [optional]) Jailbreak your iPhone and install iDroid, then figure that out too.


Perhaps you loathe iTunes, inspite of owning the iTunes-pusher an iPhone.

Here’s a funky guide to iTunes-less music goodness on iPhone. (Spoiler: MediaMonkey, WinAmp+mlipod, SharePod, CopyTransManager, etc)